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Why Holmside?

Why Holmside is The Right Choice

  • Our Staff

    The staff at Holmside are specifically chosen through an extensive recruitment process and all employees are vetted to ensure we have a team of honest, caring, moral and ethical workers with the highest levels of honesty and integrity in everything they do. Training and development at Holmside does not stop at induction; we make it our mission to update their skills and knowledge throughout their professional development and we offer an ‘open-door’ policy with all of our employees.
  • We Invest

    Holmside has recently received heavy investment in the standard of the bedrooms and public spaces making the whole building bright, airy and very comfortable. An extensive amount of time has been invested in the decor at Holmside as we understand that living environments are very important to the well being of all our residents and staff alike. Investment back into the building never ceases and it is an integral part of Holmside that the environment, grounds and building are kept to the highest of standards, continuously.
  • We Understand

    We understand how worrying it can be to move into care, both for the residents and the carers of their loved ones. This is why we are keen to resolve your anxieties by involving you as much as possible in the decision-making process whilst answering any queries you may have along the way.
  • Dining Experience

    We recognise the importance of food, not just as a source of nutrition but as something to be enjoyed, chosen and celebrated. The dining experience at Holmside is focused around our residents and no expense is spared to ensure that our chefs prepare homely, nutritious, locally sourced delicious food, all-year-round.

    Holmside has its own state-of-the-art, modern kitchen where each day our trained chefs prepare meals using the finest, fresh ingredients locally sourced through only reputable food suppliers. All meals are planned in advance to cater for nutritional needs and specific dietary requirements as well as personal tastes and preferances.

  • Activities

    We recognise that recreational practices are important to our residents, which is why we offer a number of daytime and evening events, including musical entertainment, outings into the local community as well as a range of in-house activities. You can get involved as much or as little as you choose but there is sure to be something for everyone and we encourage our residents to try the differing choices we have on offer. There is an opportunity for our residents to tell the activities co-ordinator about their hobbies and interests as soon as they move into Holmside and we will review this with them regularly and adjust accordingly.

    In addition to all of this, we also have a sensory room within the home that provides a sensual and relaxing environment for those living with forms of dementia. This is a place they can reminisce and feel relaxed at times when they may feel a little overwhelmed.

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